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TMS Advisor 3rd Quarter 2015

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                                                                                                                              Volume 25 Number 3                                                                        3rd Quarter 2015


Tank Talk 2015 Tour 

The purpose of Tank Talk is to provide an opportunity for AST & UST owners/operators to gather new information on storage tanks, hear presentations on compliance and participate in an open forum with representatives of agencies that regulate ASTs and USTs.

The 2015 Tank Talk meetings will include a presentation about the EPA's 2015 UST rules. KDHE and TMS will share information about the EPA rule changes for USTs and how they will affect you the operator. TMS will also have information on fire code requirements.  Literature will be available for later review. Each meeting will conclude with-a-question-and-answer-period.        .       

Although these meetings do not take the place of the mandatory operator training it is a good place to learn more about USTs and ASTs plus help make you a better operator. We hope you will join us at one of the eight locations for the 2015 Tank Talks. 

You can register by clicking on one of the the location you want to go, or on line at tankmgmt.net
or call  800-530-5683 /785-233-1414 for one of the following:


November 4        Kansas Soybean Association

                              Board Room

                              1000 SW Red Oaks Place

                              Topeka, KS


November 5        Salina Public Library

                              Prescott Meeting Room

                              301 W Elm Street

                              Salina, KS


November 10      Crowne Plaza Hotel KC/Overland Park

                              12601 West 95th Street

                              Lenexa, KS

November 12      Parsons Public Library

                              311 South 17th Street

                              Parsons, KS


November 17      Hutchinson Public Library

                              901 North Main Street

                              Hutchinson, KS


November 18      Dodge City Public Library

                              1001 North 2nd Avenue

                              Dodge City, KS


November 19      People's State Bank


                              610 West 2nd Street

                              Oakley, KS


November 24      Best Western Wichita North

                              Regency III

                              915 East 53rd Street North

                              Wichita, KS


Where Is The Emergency Shut Off

Fuel dispensing systems shall be provided with one or more clearly identified emergency shutoff devices or electrical disconnects. Such devices or disconnects shall be installed in approved locations but not less than 20 ft or more than 100 ft from the fuel dispensing devices that they serve. Emergency shutoff devices or electrical disconnects shall disconnect power to all dispensing devices; to all remote pumps serving the dispensing devices; to all associated power, control, and signal circuits; and to all other electrical equipment in the hazardous (classified) locations surrounding the fuel dispensing devices.

From: NFPA 30,  6.7 Emergency Electrical Disconnects.

Why is this important? TMS has found during our inspections that some fueling facilities have been training their clerks to use the STOP FUEL button (it may be called something else on your POS) on the point of sale system (POS). This button is not an electrical disconnect; all the Stop Fuel button does is stop fuel from being dispensed. The electricity is still at the dispenser, the pump and the canopy; all parts that may cause a spark and a fire if fuel was released.

If this is a manned location the button should be at the register. If not, Identifying all the breakers associated to the fueling system and canopy in the breaker box will work in some circumstances.

Fueling facility operators must make sure that the facility meets code to keep customers and employees safe. By doing so it can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance claims, attorney fees and maybe a life.


Double Wall UST Reimbursement

HB 2192 created an incentive program for owners of single-wall underground petroleum tanks to replace those tanks with a secondary containment system. The incentive program will reimburse applicants no more than $50,000 per facility. The incentives will be paid from the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Redevelopment Fund, up to a maximum of $3 million per fiscal year. As part of this program, KDHE would waive the first costs of corrective action if contamination is discovered during the tank replacement. Essentially, this will waive the “deductible” a tank owner must pay before being eligible for UST Trust Fund moneys to assist with cleanup.

To qualify for reimbursement;

  • 1.      The UST must be used for the storage of petroleum products for resale and is      subject to the environmental assurance fee in accordance with provisions of K.S.A. 65-34,117, and amendments;
  • 2.      All the components of a single-wall storage tank system must be replaced with a secondary containment system;
  • 3.      Site must be in substantial compliance of the Kansas storage tank act;
  • 4.      Owner must provide 30 days notice and access to KDHE to perform an environmental assessment of the site:

                              a. During replacement of the single-wall storage tank system with the secondary containment system installation, if done after July 1, 2015; and

                              b. that determines that petroleum contamination exists and the owner applies to the underground fund to perform corrective action to address the contamination.

     5.  Underground storage tank was registered with the department on or after May             1, 1981.

For documentation on this UST program go to www.kdheks.gov/tanks/trust_fund/ust_removal_fund.htm.

or call Gary Richardson at KDHE 785-296-1677.


Operator Training

Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) requires all UST operators to be certified as level A/B operators within 30 days of taking over operation of a UST facility.

Trained in 2010 or 2011 MUST RENEW BY DECEMBER 31, 2015. If you were trained in 2012 or after you must renew within four years of the EXACT DATE you were trained.

You will find the full 2015 class schedule and registration on our website at tankmgmt.net.

September 23     Hilton Garden Inn

                              Conference Center, Konza Prairie Room 

                              410 South 3rd Street

                              Manhattan, KS


September 24     The Eldridge Hotel           

                              Crystal Ballroom

                              701 Massachusetts

                              Lawrence, KS


October 6             Best Western Wichita North

                              Regency III

                              915 East 53rd Street North

                              Wichita, KS


October 7             Salina BiCentennial Center

                              Room 203          

                              800 The Midway

                              Salina, KS


November 5        Crowne Plaza Hotel KC/Overland Park

                              12601 West 95th Street

                              Lenexa, KS


December 2        Kansas Soybean Association

                              Board Room

                              1000 SW Red Oaks Place

                              Topeka, KS


Clerks and Attendants Must Be Trained

Information on level C training for all clerks and attendants may be found in the manual or on the CD received by A/B operators. A Level C certificate is available at tankmgmt.net. Mouse over the “UST Operator Training” button on the left side of the home page. A menu will appear, left click “Class C Certificate" then click on Level C Certificate. This will get you a printable certificate.

All UST Level C personnel must be trained before they may begin working at the facility.


TMS provides loss control and risk management assistance to UST owners who have third party liability insurance through Great American Custom as part of the Kansas Underground Storage Tank Liability Plan.

TMS can provide you with information on USTs –leak detection methods, and Federal and State regulations. Call TMS toll free at 800-530-5683 during normal Central Time Zone office hours (8-5). In the Topeka area, please call 233-1414. On the web go to tankmgmt.net. David Engelken is available to answer your questions. This Service is free.



Tank Management Services, inc. (TMS) has provided the written information in this newsletter for educational purposes to assist UST owners and operators in complying with current UST regulations and to assist them in reducing losses associated with releases from UST’s. The information is an outline and may not be complete. Owners and operators are responsible to insure that they are in compliance with all applicable laws. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment can provide detailed information on compliance. The application or use of the information provided is the responsibility of the individual user.

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